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Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Is the gastric sleeve procedure the right choice for me?

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to gastric sleeve surgery. As part of your evaluation of potential weight loss solutions, you may find yourself asking the important question, «Is the gastric sleeve procedure the right choice for me?» This is a critical consideration before making such a significant, life-changing decision.

We’ll delve into the world of gastric sleeve surgery in this article under the direction of renowned bariatric surgeon Dr. Santiago Gomez, who is based in Medellín. Our aim is to provide you with the key information you need to answer this question. We’ll explore what gastric sleeve surgery entails, the pros and cons, and other critical factors like cost, potential side effects, and long-term impacts.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric surgery designed for weight loss. This surgical procedure involves removing a large portion of the stomach, leaving behind a smaller, banana-shaped section that’s about 15% to 25% of its original size. This ‘sleeve’ or tube-like structure significantly reduces the volume of food you can consume at one time, aiding in weight loss.

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The primary purpose of gastric sleeve surgery is to assist those with severe obesity in losing weight, often when other weight loss methods have not proven successful. Weight loss from gastric sleeve surgery can lead to significant health benefits, such as improvements in type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and more.

The benefits of gastric sleeve surgery extend beyond just weight loss. The procedure also affects gut hormones related to hunger, satiety, and blood sugar control, thereby reducing the desire to eat and promoting feelings of fullness. Furthermore, unlike some other forms of bariatric surgery, the gastric sleeve does not require rerouting of the digestive system, making it a less complex procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Gastric sleeve before and after.

This is the result of some of our patients who have immersed themselves in the world of bariatric surgery and who thanks to their results are inspiration for others:

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Do I Qualify for Weight Loss Surgery?

Considering weight loss surgery is a significant decision, and one of the first steps is to understand whether you might be a suitable candidate. This quick and simple interactive quiz is designed to provide a preliminary assessment based on general eligibility criteria for weight loss surgery. It’s important to note that this quiz should not replace a comprehensive evaluation by a healthcare professional.

Do i qualify for weight loss surgery quiz


Mostly A’s and B’s: You may not meet the typical criteria for weight loss surgery, but everyone’s case is unique. If weight loss remains a significant challenge, it’s worthwhile to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

Mostly C’s and D’s: You might be a good candidate for weight loss surgery. However, this quiz is a simplified tool, and there are other factors healthcare providers consider. The next step should be a thorough consultation with a medical professional.

Reasons Not to Have Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

While bariatric surgery can be life-changing for many people, it’s not the right choice for everyone. It’s a major operation that comes with risks and requires significant lifestyle changes. Here are some reasons you might choose not to have bariatric surgery:

Surgery Risks

All surgical procedures come with a degree of risk, including complications from anesthesia, infections, blood clots, and bleeding. Specific to bariatric surgery, there’s also the risk of leaks in your gastrointestinal system or nutritional deficiencies.

Underlying Health Conditions

Some health conditions can increase the risks associated with surgery or impact recovery. For instance, individuals with heart disease, kidney disease, or liver disease may face higher risks.

Post-Surgery Lifestyle Changes

After bariatric surgery, you will need to commit to a drastically different lifestyle, including a restricted diet, regular exercise, and potentially lifelong vitamin supplementation. Those unable or unwilling to make these changes may not experience the full benefits of surgery.

Mental Health Considerations

Psychological health plays a crucial role in the success of bariatric surgery. Conditions like depression, anxiety, or eating disorders can become even more challenging to manage after surgery. It’s essential to have a support system in place and, if necessary, professional help to navigate these challenges.

Short-Term Weight Loss Goals

Bariatric surgery is for those who have long-term, significant weight loss goals. If you are aiming for a small, specific weight loss or quick results, bariatric surgery might not be the best solution.

Financial Concerns

As discussed earlier, bariatric surgery can be a considerable financial investment. Insurance may not cover all costs, and the out-of-pocket expenses can be significant.

 Deciding whether to have bariatric surgery is a personal decision that should be made in consultation with your healthcare provider. It’s essential to weigh the potential benefits against the risks and consider all factors to make the best decision for your health and well-being.

Bariatric Surgery Long-Term Effects: What to Expect

Bariatric surgery can lead to significant weight loss and improvements in obesity-related health conditions. However, it’s important to understand that this is a long-term commitment that requires lifestyle changes and carries potential long-term effects. Here’s what to expect:

Cirugía Bariátrica de Revisión - Dr Santiago Gomez Correa en Medellín

Sustained Weight Loss

One of the most significant long-term effects of bariatric surgery is sustained weight loss. Studies show that most people maintain successful weight loss long-term after bariatric surgery. Successful weight loss is often defined as weight loss equal to or greater than 50% of excess body weight.

Improvement or Resolution of Co-morbidities

Many patients see improvements in obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and others. In some cases, these conditions may be entirely resolved.

Cirugía Bariátrica de Revisión - Dr Santiago Gomez Correa en Medellín
Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Nutritional Deficiencies

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

After bariatric surgery, particularly procedures like the gastric bypass, patients may experience nutritional deficiencies due to reduced absorption of vitamins and minerals. This can include deficiencies in iron, calcium, vitamin B12, and others. Patients typically need to take lifelong vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent these deficiencies.

Changes in Dietary Habits

Post-surgery, patients must adhere to a strict and lifelong diet plan. This typically involves high-protein, low-sugar, and low-fat meals, and portion sizes are usually significantly smaller. Failing to adhere to these dietary guidelines can lead to weight gain or other health issues.

Increased Physical Activity

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Regular exercise becomes a crucial part of maintaining weight loss and overall health after surgery.

Emotional Changes

The dramatic change in body size and shape can lead to emotional changes. Some people experience a boost in self-esteem and overall mood; others may struggle with body image issues or face challenges adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Need for Body Contouring Surgeries

Major weight loss can result in excess skin, which some individuals choose to remove through body contouring surgeries for both comfort and cosmetic reasons.

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Weight Loss Surgery Cost: An Investment in Your Health

Bariatric surgery, including the gastric sleeve procedure, represents a significant financial investment. While the cost can vary based on a variety of factors, such as the surgical center’s location, the surgeon’s expertise, and whether or not insurance coverage applies, it’s essential to view this investment through the lens of long-term health benefits.

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the United States ranges from $15,000 to $25,000. However, this estimate may not encompass other associated costs such as pre-surgery consultations, post-operative care, dietary counseling, and potential follow-ups.

If you’re considering surgery abroad, costs can differ significantly. For instance, in Medellín, where Dr. Santiago Gomez practices, the price of the procedure might be considerably less. However, it’s essential to factor in travel costs, accommodation, and the feasibility of follow-up visits when considering this option.

Importantly, while the initial cost may seem high, the long-term health benefits can outweigh it. Weight loss surgery can significantly improve or even resolve conditions associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. This improvement in health can lead to reduced medical expenses over time, not to mention an invaluable increase in quality of life and life expectancy.

Best Bariatric Surgeon Colombia

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

Dr. Santiago Gomez is a preeminent bariatric surgeon based in Medellín, Colombia, with over 18 years of specialized experience​1​. As a third-generation medical professional, Dr. Santiago Gomez has dedicated his career to the fight against obesity and the health complications that arise from it.

Renowned for his expertise in bariatric surgery, Dr. Santiago Gomez has successfully performed over 2,000 surgeries, drastically improving the quality of life for his patients​​. He is particularly interested in minimally invasive surgical techniques such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery, which he has been employing since 2008. His proficiency with the Da Vinci® Xi Surgical System – the most advanced surgical equipment available worldwide – allows him to execute procedures with exceptional precision and efficiency​​.

Gastric Sleeve Dr Santiago Gomez Bariatric Surgeon Medellin

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Santiago Gomez, His patient-centric approach is highlighted by his commitment to taking care of all aspects affecting his patients at every stage of treatment. He is driven by a mission to see his patients healthy and happy and improve their quality of life as well as their families.

Five Advantages of Opting for a Gastric Sleeve in Colombia.

As the fight against obesity continues to evolve, more and more individuals are turning to bariatric surgery as a solution. Gastric sleeve surgery, in particular, has gained popularity for its effectiveness and relative simplicity. However, where to have the surgery is a crucial decision. Colombia has emerged as a leading destination for this procedure due to several advantages.

Firstly, Colombia boasts a high-quality healthcare system with experienced bariatric surgeons like Dr. Santiago Gomez.

Secondly, the cost of surgery in Colombia is significantly lower than in many developed countries, making it financially more accessible.

Thirdly, the use of advanced surgical techniques, such as laparoscopy and the Da Vinci® Xi Surgical System, ensures precision and efficiency.

Fourthly, the comprehensive patient care approach, which includes dietary and psychological counseling, ensures a more holistic treatment.

Lastly, the opportunity to recover in a country known for its beautiful landscapes and warm people can also contribute positively to the recovery experience.

Ready for a Gastric Sleeve in Colombia?

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